I made a post about a month ago about my new journal I was excited about. 
I said that I was going to toy with the idea of possibly loading some of my entries here, and you know what? I think I might just do that. Being the busy slacker that I am I will admit that I haven't written in it everyday. I'm still in mid-January somewhere. tsk tsk. I won't post every entry because, to be honest, a lot of these prompts that I've encountered so far are pretty dull. I've tried to vamp them up and make the reply all witty and relateable, but it didn't really help much. If the prompt sucks, it sucks. Anyways, I will post the ones that I liked the most and gave me the most to say. Look for that soon and I also want to try and get more of my Tragic Tales posted as well as other poems and stories that are just wasting away in my drafts folder. Also, have a happy Valentine's Day! ... or if you're single like me and enjoy quality tv HAPPY WALKING DEAD DAY!!!

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