True Love's Last Kiss

It was in a moment
A moment I can’t remember
I search for that feeling
One I can’t grasp

Forgotten the last
While the first stamped on my heart
Still I feel butterflies
That feeling when our lips first touched

If only I knew the last was it
I would’ve savored the taste
Your soul lingered with mine
As if it were to last forever

Our souls separate
Float along wandering a different universe
Trying to reconnect the disconnect
Where do I go?

I capture a moment
Memory still fresh of true love’s first kiss
A first touch
A last glance

I stand bare before you
These lips part
“Should I go?”

-Asia Aneka Anderson, True Love's Last Kiss 2019(c)

The Ramblings Inside My Creative Mind: Yeah, #MeToo

        A lot of people are talking about it but I had to add in my two cents about the Lifetime docuseries about R. Kelly. First of all let me say that watching this has been completely draining. I personally was never sexually molested as a child and it was still draining and triggering, so I can’t imagine someone who actually went through it and how their emotions were while watching this. 
        I guess one of the reasons this story rubs me the wrong way is because I was sexually assaulted my freshman year in high school and I always ALWAYS said the dude that did it looked like R. Kelly. I even wrote about the incident before on my Tragic Crush Tales. There was something about his eyes that was just creepy and evil the same as I see R. Kelly. 
         So my two cents has more to do with the response than the actual doc. The allegations and his weird ass creepy behavior are old news. Everyone knew he was a pedophile way back in the Aaliyah days. My problem is with the loads of people who still continue to support this monster and choose to turn a blind eye and even worse the ones who strictly put the blame on the teenagers themselves. Disgustingly claiming that some of them were asking for it. How does a 12 year old “ask for it”? How do you place blame on anyone other than the GROWN man who lured in these girls, groomed them, and took advantage? I don’t care if they lied to their parents on where they were going, or skipped school, or lied about their ages. A grown ass man in his right mind knows better than to pursue an underage girl. The amount of black women who refuse to believe black little girls that could be their daughters, sisters, students, etc is mind boggling to me. Your love of a few hits is more important than the safety of a young girl who could be damaged forever. Everyone from the parents to the justice system to R. Kelly’s entourage failed these girls, and yet people still feel they are responsible. I remember when my assault happened and my father, I, the dude who attacked me and his parents all had a meeting at the school. In so many words the mother stated that I deserved it because I had a crush on him and called their house a few times. Me thinking he was attractive didn’t give him permission to force me up against a wall at school, claw at me, and try to rip my clothes off all while I’m yelling “No.” Period. I understand that’s your son, but it was her responsibility to tell him that there is a line and that he jumped right over it. My father even mentioned to her that as a woman it was disgusting to hear her say that it was all excusable. Afterwards it was the dude’s father who approached mine and said that he believed everything I said. 
       My other pet peeve is the what-about-isms. The people who, when you bring up R. Kelly, respond with “Well what about Harvey Weinstein?”, “What about the catholic church?”, “What about Roman Polanski?” Ok. What about them? That’s not what the topic is about. These other predators have been addressed. There are all sorts of docs about these people. It’s unfortunate that none of these people have been brought to justice.... YET, but let’s not act like these monsters haven’t been in the limelight as well when it comes to their crimes. Also, you can be angry and want justice for multiple things. You can be pissed about R. Kelly, Trump, our healthcare system, and that bitch at work you don’t like all at the same time. The human brain is amazing like that. Just stop deflecting. Just because Kevin Spacey isn’t behind bars right now doesn’t mean you can’t be loud and angry about wanting just for his victims as well as everyone else. 
        We as a society need to stop with these false idols. People who know me probably think I’m one to talk, and to some extent I am. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a Beatles fan. There’s plenty of news out there that John Lennon abused his wives. Now even though I’m a huge fan that’s honestly (and embarrassingly) something I wasn’t aware of until a few years ago. I don’t condone what damage he did. You don’t put your hands on people. I don’t care if your parents abandoned you as a child and now you have mommy issues. Get help. But on the other hand will I continue to listen to his music? Sadly, yes. So, I’m not here to judge people who still want to listen to R. Kelly’s music because, as I just stated, I have absolutely no room to do that, but I will judge you if you think he’s some innocent when he’s the one who is actually in the wrong. Hold him accountable. Let’s hold all these false idols accountable who cause harm to people whether it be R. Kelly, Kevin Spacey, Prince, Elvis, Bill Cosby, etc. I know it hurts sometimes to call out your faves, but call those bastards out. They have no right forcing themselves on people, luring in children, and throwing their power around. This is damaging. If people don’t want to get the help they need and instead go out and hurt others because they are hurt then they deserve to be behind bars. They don’t get a gold pass because they have an Oscar or a Grammy. Fuck that. HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE.