"The World Through My Eyes", 2015(c)
Poem by: Asia Aneka Anderson
Artwork by: Henry Samuel, Jr
Poem by: Asia Aneka Anderson
Artwork by: Henry Samuel, Jr.

You My King, I Your Queen

Let me feel your soul.
We join together in this journey of life.
You my King.
I your Queen.
Let’s raise Princes and Princesses.
Future Kings and Queens.
The crowns we placed upon our heads never shift.
Our kingdom built from the ground up.
A kingdom that will last a lifetime.
Not rich in money.
Rich in love.
Rich in melanin.
Rich in self empowerment.
Our destiny to rise up together.
I’ll nurture you.
My King.
You’ll support me.
Your Queen.
Nothing will diminish our legacy.
Forever connected at the soul.
Until the end of time we will be.
You my King.
I your Queen.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, You My King, I Your Queen 2016©

Love Written All Over Her Body

She’s got love written all over her body.
A connoisseur of heartbreak.
Her body tells a different story.
Of love’s dark past.
Of love’s bright future.
Her present loveless.
She looks at the love written on her arm.
It gives her hope.
Hope that a true love exists.
That someone may be out there for her.
Her heart breaks but mends itself.
Mending the pieces that she will someday give to someone whole.
She’s got love written all over her body for one reason.
Even if she can’t feel love.
Although her heart feels so cold.
The love written all over her body is proof love is real.
A hopeless romantic in a hopeless situation.
Still ready to fall all over again.
Till then she’s content with the love written all over her body.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, Love Written All Over Her Body 2016©
"Forever is not tomorrow if all we have is today."

- Asia Aneka Anderson, 2016©
"Study my mood with your fingertips."

-Asia Aneka Anderson, 2016©

Two Artists

I mend the fence around my heart.
Once again someone broke through.
Like an artist you covered my blank canvas.
Tagging my heart with unfulfilled promises.
Graffiti showing the beauty of us.
The art of what could and should be.
The image more beautiful than the reality.
Never stood a chance to bloom.
I stare at the piece you created within me.
All we had were words and fantasy.
All I’m left with is the graffiti you left behind.
You hop the fence I’m left to mend.
Piece after broken piece.
I wait for the next one to break through.
Only to mend again.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, Two Artists 2016©
"Because of you my heart breaks with every single beat."

-Asia Aneka Anderson, 2016©
"New Year. Same Me." Asia Aneka Anderson, 2016©
Photos: Asia Aneka Anderson

New Year. Same Me.

New year.
Same me.
Nothing has changed.
My mind stays the same.
Lessons I’m always learning.
Open I remain to the world.
No resolutions to be held.
The only goals are to learn.
And Grow.
My heart remains pure.
My touch stays golden.
No new year new me.
I change everyday.
Not every 365.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, New Year. Same Me. 2016©
I know on black Friday we were supposed to not buy things. As a writer with a lot of stories to tell, but no longer the passion to do so I felt this was necessary for my craft and hopefully a push to keep me focused and motivated. Here's to 2016 making my dreams of a published writer a reality. I had also toyed with the idea to post all of my entries here, but I haven't totally made up my mind on that yet. Maybe a few here and there.