My Father's Daughter

People wonder how I have such a temper, but am the sweetest person they know.
After all, I am my father's daughter.
Filled with creativity that takes no effort.
The strength of a thousand men in a small frame.
Overflowing with knowledge even Google doesn't know.
That was my father.
This is me.
Emotions that are buried down deep.
Secrets that will never be told.
Pain that would never be shared.
Each takes us piece, by piece, by piece.
Eating away until there is nothing left.
You wouldn't know because the strong don't break.
We don't bend.
We are resilient.
We put ourselves to the side putting you first.
"Are you good?"
"Are you okay?"
"You need any help?"
"What do you need?"
More worried about you than us.
Independents with a people pleaser attitude.
That's how it is.
That's because I am my father's daughter.
Will give you the shirt off our back.
But we take no shit.
As fierce as ever.
But broken inside.
A protector unprotected.
That was him.
This is me.
This is us one in the same.

 - Asia Aneka Anderson, My Father’s Daughter 2017©