My Vows

I vow to be not like you.
Following in your mothers footsteps of unhappiness.
I vow to be the strongest woman I can be.
No need of companionship to make me complete.
I vow to show my future child to stand on their own two feet.
To not accept being treated anything less than great.
I vow to not be weak.
Not letting anyone have any power over me.
I vow to not settle for anything less.
No man shall bring me down.
I vow to open and expand my mind.
The universe is mine to take in and explore.
I vow to experience life and its wonders.
Not planting my feet in one place.
I vow to understand.
Embrace and learn from what is not my normal.
I vow to unapologetically and always be me.
There’s no one else who can do just that.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, My Vows 2016©

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