What Is A Friendship?

My family as close as blood.
To be there for the smiles and the tears.
Friendships I have created only stay for the smiles.
When the tears start to fall you all vanish.
I’m left alone.
I deal.
I cope.
I move on.
I reopen doors.
This cycle has made me angry.
I become distant and cold.
I’ve been through a lot only to walk hand in hand with myself.
You resurface when the struggle is gone.
I foolishly allow it.
Wanting human interaction so bad I ignore what’s good for me.
I’ve learned a lot.
I’ve become strong.
My journeys alone build me.
This will change.
No more resurfacing in my life.
I’d rather walk this life alone than be consistently let down.
In the end I know that at least I’ll always be there for me.

-Asia Aneka Anderson
Tumblr: AsiaWrites

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