I know I sort of abandoned this blog. It happens. My motivation and creativity isn't what it used to be. Writer's block is a bitch, that's for sure. Then again no one is really reading this. That's still not an excuse for blowing off something I used to love to do more than anything. For right now I'm trying to catch this blog up with my Tumblr. There's still several poems and posts that I have not added here from there. I want to share all of my writing with both sites to expand my audience. I also have a poem that I'm currently working on that's pretty tricky for some reason. In addition to that I have a few opinion posts I want to do, but in pure perfectionist fashion I can't move on to do those until that poem is done. I feel like a chicken with it's head cut off if I don't work on these small projects in order. Hopefully I'll have all of those up within the next week. I also have ideas in my mind to beef up the major stories I'm working on. For most of them I've struggled with how to tie everything together, give the characters depth, and make it meaningful and I think I've found something that will at least make things better and perhaps easier to write. Stay tuned if you're actually reading this.

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