A Goddess Am I

I am a goddess.
Sheer beauty and power within.
Radiant and lovely am I.
I am a conqueror.
Defeating all obstacles and enemies before me.
I stand tall.
I stand strong.
All of this lies within me.
A  sense of confidence that has yet to be awoken.
On the outside lies a thin steady layer of insecurity.
Focused on flaws and imperfections.
My own worst enemy.
I stare in the mirror looking for the goddess inside.
Some days she rises to the surface.
Like a lioness she flashes her teeth in dominance.
Fierce, indeed.
My courage overflowing.
Bask in my beauty.
Bow down to to my ferocious grace.
This feeling that never lasts long.
The vibrant goddess quickly disappears from view.
Shrinking in size.
The  enemy  in me  defeats the conqueror.
I wait for the day the goddess bursts through.
She’ll make her presence permanent.
Letting nothing knock me down.
Making me see my worth.
I know that I am an goddess.
A goddess in training.
A goddess that will one day shine brighter than any sun.
One day I'll  carry my sword and shield.
Covered in the blood of my self-doubt.
A battle finally won.
A goddess then I will ever be.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, A Goddess Am I 2015©

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