Tragic Boyfriend Tales #7

        Boyfriend G was my very first love. I don’t know what it was about him that made me fall completely head over heels. We met in eighth grade through my best friend. He actually broke my heart before we even started dating. My best friend volunteered to tell him about me one day and somehow the next morning I was greeted by my best friend telling me of how he asked her out. I guess what’s most disappointing about this is that I’ve had several best friends do this to me since, but I digress.
         I don’t remember how many months later, but they broke up and G and I started to date. I remember that our very first date was to see “Titanic”. Even now I can’t watch that movie without smelling Winterfresh gum, which was his favorite. G was my first love and my first kiss. Like most teenage girls, I also offered my body in hopes that it would make him love me more when I found out he was cheating on me with a girl that was much older. At 14 there was nothing I had that could compare to the 19 year old woman he cheated on me with. The only thing I could give him was my innocence and my heart. Thankfully I never went through with it. No one’s first time is amazing, but how depressing would it be for me to look back on my first time, not as something two crazy kids did to prove they loved each other, but as something someone did to win someone, who was unworthy, back.
        Throughout the summer he dated this much older girl as a I cried my entire summer, before becoming a high school kid, away. Once freshman year began I assume this girl got tired of dealing with a 15 year old brat and dumped him. I was there waiting because I loved him, but I was also prepared. We went to different high schools, but we would try to see each other as much as we could. Since we were not at the same school I took that opportunity to do him as he had done me. I dated him as well as two other boys. I had to one up him, you know? I felt a little bad for involving the other guys. They were good friends to me and were pretty decent guys. It may seem as though I dated them for revenge, but honestly I really like them and can sometimes be greedy. As faar as G goes, even though I loved him I just started not to care. I eventually realized that all those tears I cried the summer before were pointless and so was the getting even. I broke up with all three guys and we went our separate ways. G and I haven’t talked in over 15 years, but I’ll always remember him as my first love and my first heartbreak.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, 2015©

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