Road To My Future

The future is a scary place.
Stepping into the unknown.
The fear and anxiousness of what will be.
Will we live up to what the child in us imagined?
Will our path take us places beyond our wildest dreams?
We brace ourselves to be knocked down.
Prepared for life’s unexpected turns.
We find love and sometimes lose it.
We succeed and we fail.
The future is scary because we’re unaware of what it will bring.
We plan our journey only for obstacles to form in our path.
Sometimes they’ll stop us dead in our tracks.
No signs of how to go around.
We wave our white our white flag at change.
We try to force life down that same track only to be detoured further.
Some smile at the roadblocks and push forward.
The future can be downright frightening.
We don’t know what we’ll face.
Whether we’re up for the challenge is the test.
Yes, the future can be scary, but the detours along the way can be worthwhile.
Some good. Some bad.
Only we hold the reigns to our future path.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, Road To My Future 2015©

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