Darkness In Me

There’s a darkness in my rear view.
A shadow that follows me everywhere.
From the corner of my eye I see it lurk.
Cursed since birth this demon has become a part of me.
His booming voice rattles the core of my soul.
Holding me back from joy.
He keeps me fixed under his spell.
I struggle to break free.
I yearn to breathe again.
But the darkness seduces me.
He makes me feel at home.
He leads me to believe that no one will love me like the shadows.
Again he lurks behind me.
He shields my view of hope.
I’m left in despair.
This darkness has a hold on me.
He pulls me in deeper.
The more I struggle the darker it gets.
I have become the shadows.
Drowning in pity and hopelessness.
I’ll never break free for I am entwined.
I was chosen at birth to embody the darkness.
The shadows do not have a hold on me.
I am the shadows.
I have become what I fear.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, Darkness In Me 2015©