I feel like there’s a change coming in my love life (at least I hope). I met this guy about two months ago on a dating site and we instantly hit it off. The only downside is that we’re not in the same state. I haven’t had anyone make me this happy in a while. He sends me ‘good morning’ texts and checks up on me to see how my day is and recently he’s been telling me a lot that he wishes I could be there to cuddle with and that he thinks about me all the time. That takes me by surprise because in all the years I’ve been dating I never heard those things from boyfriends let alone someone I just met. I know it’s strictly an internet and phone thing for right now therefore I’m not going to be the type to fall for every word, but it is incredibly nice to hear all these things. I won’t know for sure, until I meet him, if everything he says is coming from his heart or just something he thinks I want to hear, but I’m hoping for the best. After all I’ve been through I deserve a good man and I’m at a point in my life where I feel I’m capable to receive and give that type of love. I wasn’t that type of person before, but I’m older and wiser now. I told him that I believe we’ll get a real chance to give this a go since he lives in a city where I was and desperately want to get back to. I lived in Chicago for over 4 years and was alone the whole time. It would be nice to move back soon and finally get to explore the city hand in hand with someone else and make a real home there. I just have to be patient and keep telling myself that if it is truly meant to be then the universe will make a way for it to be so. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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