The most beautiful yet frustrating thing about my writing process is that the idea comes to me in the form of a movie trailer. Flashes of scenes that tie together the plot. You see the laughter, the tears, loss, and love. The characters become so real and this imaginary trailer draws you in. This clip plays over and over in my head and it even feels as though you can hear an obscure indie band playing in the background just like any independent movie trailer. The only problem is that you can’t see the whole story. All you see is the highlights and of course it’s only the good parts. I try to write around these good parts and nothing seems to fit. Sometimes you’ll see the teaser trailer that will give you more insight into the lives of these characters, but still not enough to give a story life. I’m constantly trying to bring life to something that comes in 2 minute clips and it never plays out as planned. I wish my mind would illegally download the rest so that I can show the world what I can do,

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