My New Weekly Regimen

I just wanted to share with you guys my new weekly regimen for my hair. Since I've been natural I'll admit I haven't had any type of consistent regimen. I'm guilty of trying a ton of products and not giving them enough time to see if they benefit my hair or not. I'm going to stick with this regimen for a least 2 months to see how this does before I move onto the next.
I wash or cleanse my hair every 7 days. I only shampoo twice a month and co-wash twice a month. After whichever I do I part my hair on whichever side I desire (usually the right) so that I can flat twist my hair... or at least my version of flat twists that works for me. I'll take the right section o my hair and use a spray bottle full of water and just spray a little on the section then I use my olive oil.
Now I know a lot of people use extra virgin olive oil and once this runs out that's what I'll buy, but hey this was cheap and it gets the job done. It gives my hair a shine and locks in the moisture of the water. The only thing I do not like so much about this olive oil is the smell. The best I can describe it is that is smells like my grandma. I know that's weird, but if you've had that grandma that had the plastic on her furniture, knick-knack figurines, and fake plants all over the place then you know the smell I'm talking about lol.
Well I do all this by sections. I'll wet and oil the right side then twist, then I'll move to the left side and do the same. Since I'm doing the castor oil challenge right after I do the front I put the castor oil on my edges. Now when I do the back of my hair I'll split it into two sections, a top half and a bottom half. I'll pin up the top half then I'll do as the front and wet, oil, then twist and do the same for the top half. When I'm done it comes out like this.

Most of the times I'll keep my twists in until the day before my next wash and wear a wig or scarf if I'm going out. If I do that once a day I'll spray a little water on my head and then use a small amount of olive oil and lightly pat that on. I only use the castor oil every other day and I only place that on my edges and crown. On the rare occasions where I want to take my twists down I at least make sure they've been in for about two days beforehand. For some reason, even though my hair is 4c, it doesn't seem to hold the curl pattern I want if I take the twists out the very next day. 
Well, that is my weekly regimen that I'm holding on to for the next few months. So far so good. My hair has never felt this soft so this may be a regimen I'll hold onto for good and just sneak in a few products here and there or possibly switch out the olive oil for coconut oil. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to send them my way. 

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