Be My Future

I’ll wait for you.
I toss away all momentary happiness for a lifetime with you.
Just the sight of you plants a smile on my face.
I never knew I could miss something so much that I never had.
I lost you in my own fear of rejection.
Replaying in my head what could have been.
Waiting for circumstances to join us together again.
Practicing all the things I’ll say to you.
Dreaming of the love you’ll say you have for me.
The happiness I’ll get from calling you mine.
Roaming this Earth with my tiny hand in yours.
Fearing to let go and be reminded of a time where “we” didn’t exist.
I see you and only you.
I won’t be satisfied with anyone else.
The day will come when I won’t have to dream of our future.
On that day I’ll be happy that I can keep you.

-Asia Aneka Anderson
Tumblr: AsiaWrites

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