Every night I close my eyes I see your face
Dreams of you bring a momentary happiness
My dreams are a place where you are mine and I yours
My smile grows under the darkness of night
As the sun rises your presence becomes weaker
I slowly open my eyes to the heartbreak that you're not there
I feel that empty spot where your body should be
I slam my eyes shut hoping to stay in dreamland with you
Imagining you wrapping your arms around me from behind
You breathe in the coconut scent of my hair
I could feel so safe in your arms forever
Reality sets in as realize I'm all alone
The days drag as I anticipate a date with my dream man
One day I'll dream in broad daylight
One day I'll wake up and smile at the sight of your face
A lifetime I will gladly share with you
For now I'll await you in my dreams until that day comes

-Asia Aneka Anderson
Tumblr: AsiaWrites

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