A Tale of Friendship

I tried to be the voice of encouragement
My shoulder was vacant for your tears
I was always there
When tables turn I’m left standing alone
Left to feel inadequate
Left to feel unloved
My friendship is loyal yet always one sided
Pouring my heart out to an infinite abyss
I catch when you fall but I have nothing but skinned knees
You look at me like I’m the enemy
But to that I’d have to disagree
You say I focus on the negative
I say that’s bullshit
If it wasn’t for people like you my thoughts wouldn’t be filled with torment
Some call me overprotective
To that I see no big deal
I treat you as I’d like you to treat me
It would be nice to know how that feels
Friendship can sting when surrounded by wolves in sheep’s clothing
Faces I used to know fade from heart and memory
Good times were had and there were quite a few
It’s when times got rough when you would disappear from view
I try to forget but it’s foolish to stay
I know you hate to see me go
Yet you have never given me a reason to remain

-Asia Aneka Anderson
Tumblr: AsiaWrites

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