Hello, Bloggers

Hi, Everyone!

I'm new to the Blogger world. I am trying my hand at this because I don't feel like I'm getting the feedback I desire on Tumblr. I do a little bit of writing and wanted to share. Most of the posts I'll probably put up soon are ones that I already have posted on my Tumblr so there seems like a lot of feelings happening at once, but I assure you they were written months apart. I mostly write poetry, snippets of books I'm working on, and sometimes opinion pieces. I try to stay away from opinion pieces because I never go into statistics on topics I talk about, just purely from my point of view. I guess that's what an opinion piece is about, but I know some people get offended because of the lack of facts. Other than that I just really want to share my writing with you guys and hopefully you'll enjoy and more than that I hope you give me some feedback because that's what I'm really looking for.


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