My First Book Outline

Hi, everyone!

        I'm currently taking a novel writing class, and it's finally getting my ass in gear to write one of the few books I've been tinkering with for ages now. We recently had an assignment to make an outline for our book (we have to complete three chapters by the end of the semester) and also a character outline. Well, when the teacher gave me back these he made the comments that there's not enough conflict or strong connection, but that I have a lot of material to work with. So I thought I'd post my book outline here, because, after all, once it's completed you guys will be my audience. The book I'm writing is more of a simple drama, something that people can relate to. I'm not trying to write something epic like the Lord of the Rings or a suspense novel. I'm trying to write something that a teenager, a mom, a 20 something, just anyone can pick up and see a little bit of themselves in it.

       I'll give you a small background on it before I post it which will go more in depth. It is a multiple story line novel. It has to deal with different women/girls and their relationships with their mothers. Characters weave in and out of all the different chapters (each chapter will deal with each character individually in the beginning until all five are introduced) because they're all connected in one way or another. Just let me know what you think of the content. Does it grab attention? Do you think the subject matter is enough to grab attention? What do you think of the angle I'm taking by making it multiple story line? Any advice you have I'd be happy to hear. Thank you!! (Also I have chapter one done if you're interested in taking a peek.)

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