Platter Of Promise

I had a recipe for a lasting love.
Made from scratch from my heart.
I stirred up the ingredients for a hopeful future.
A dash of understanding.
A dollop of support.
Lots of love and dedication.
Topped with all I have to give.
The dish for a forever romance.
Upon my hands I placed my heart.
Offering my all to you.
A platter of promise.
I watched as you devoured my creation.
Little did I know you had a recipe of your own.
A cup of mind games with a side of blame.
Chaos and destruction is what you served.
Reheated leftover heartache.
Leaving me to feel guilty for the recipe of love I made.
Licking your fingers at the mess you made of me.
I stare at my empty platter of promises.
The one I made especially for you.
I thought I had a recipe for a lasting love.
Perhaps that still holds true.
Something was missing from the list of ingredients.
That something was someone not you.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, Platter Of Promise 2016©

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