Tragic Crush Tales #7

Crush T was one of those crushes that it just hits you all of a sudden. We worked together and the one major thing we had in common is that we HATED our job. Hated is actually putting it nicely, but it was something we could definitely bond over. Since we worked in a call center we barely had time to talk to each other, but when we did it was fun. Slowly I started to find myself being attracted to him. What I didn’t know is that he felt the exact same.
      We had only known each other for a few months before he eventually got fired. Even during that time we never told each other how we felt. It wasn’t until I had quit that job and moved back home a few states away. When I moved we were really bad at keeping contact with each other. One day out of the blue he told me how he felt about me. I was shocked and at the same time I wasn’t. I sort of thought that he felt the same, but I didn’t want to assume and end up getting rejected if I was wrong. When he texted me that he really liked me I asked him why he didn’t tell me a long time ago when I was still in the same city. His response was that he’s a very aggressive person and didn’t know how I’d take it because I was a “good girl” (whatever that meant). We started innocent flirting here and there, but for me it started to go a little sour almost right off the bat.
        Back when I knew T he struck me as a dude with a personality I could click with and a sense of humor to match. After he told me he liked me that quickly shifted. He became that creeper/scummy guy that no girls wants any contact with. It was a major turn off and it happened so fast. Since we didn’t get to know much about each other while working in a call center I wanted to spend that time trying to get to know him more as a person. He seemed to think I was a 900 number operator. Every time I’d try to have a decent conversation with him he’d turn it into something completely sexual. I’m not a prude, and that talk is fine with me, but when that’s your whole conversation I want nothing to do with it. I especially want nothing to do with it if the only question you have for me is “What’s your bra size?” As if you’re some 12 year old boy who’s discovering breasts for the first time. I’d gotten so sick of that question being asked every single time he talked I asked him, “Even if I were to tell you do you know anything about how bra sizes work?” Of course like most men his answer was “No.” I replied, “So, if we spent months with each other and you’ve seen my breast size, then what does a number do if you have no clue how bra sizes work? That question would only make sense if you were going to surprise me and buy me some bras. If you don’t plan on doing that then stop asking me that fucking question.” It stopped for a bit, but then his conversation became real dull which led me to believe that he really didn’t have anything to talk about other than sex or more specifically, my breasts. T never took the time to get to know me or to just even shoot the shit. He was only interested in boobs. It was a little weird and juvenile coming from someone in their mid-twenties.
        My last straw with T was last October. I hadn’t talked to him in months and by chance he messaged me very early in the morning on my birthday. One of the first things he said to me was “Still got a huge rack?” Again, unless he had hella early onset Alzheimer’s he knows what I look like so why the constant questions about my tits? I went off and told him that I can’t talk to anyone who is going to constantly talk to me like I’m a piece of meat. More than that I’m not going to keep talking to someone who totally ignores me saying that it makes me feel very uncomfortable and dirty. More than that I told him that arguing with him was not how I was going to start out my birthday. I haven’t talked to him since. I think a few months after that he messaged me and I just straight up told him that I no longer have anything to say to him ever. Once I’m done with someone I’m done. I have no clue if he’s off perving it up with someone else or if he actually became a grown man that’s close to being 30. I guess I’ll never know and I’m more than okay with that.

-Asia Aneka Anderso, 2015(c)

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