My Body, My Soul

Let me take care of you.
I can treat you better.
I promise.
I long to make you feel loved.
God knows you need it.
Let me shower you with the finer things.
I’ll give you all you deserve.
I can keep you centered.
Showing you that all you strive for is possible.
I’ve caused you many tears.
Tears I wish to erase.
Give me time to make it up to you.
I will make you my #1.
I promise to never abandon you again.
All past mistakes forgotten.
Let me help you take on the world.
I can carry your voice for you.
I’ll raise you up to the top.
I will catch you when the climb gets shaky.
Reminding you that I have your back.
I promise to love you always.
I promise to always take care of you.
You are my body.
You are my soul.
I’ll never have another like you.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, My Body, My Soul 2015©

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