Run Wild Child

She was a little girl with a fire in her heart.
Creating colorful worlds in her mind.
Everything became so magical.
An imagination that took her everywhere.
All she ever wanted was to run free.
Never wanting the fire inside to die.
She wanted that fire to move mountains.
Climbing atop the tallest she could find.
The chill in the air made her feel alive.
As the little girl grew she had to return to  safer plains.
Still that fire burned.
That urge to run free raged inside.
She tried to calm her younger self.
“We have responsibilities now.”
“No more time for childish things.”
The fire dimmed, but still it burned.
If only she could release that wild child.
To live as she wanted to live.
Throw caution to the wind.
To be young and foolish.
If only she could have stayed true to her wild roots.
All she wanted is to forever be a wild child.
To never let that creative fire burn out.
Her wild imagination slowly faded.
Her younger self screaming to break free.
Shaking the burden of responsibilities like prison bars.
One day she hoped to relight the fire inside her.
Let it burn brighter than it ever had before.
The magic is missing but not lost.
It’s hidden from the sight of the grown.
All she has to do is reach that wild child.
Set her free.
Let her dream.
Keep her fire burning bright.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, Run Wild Child 2015©

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