Dreams Lost

I let the set backs in life cut loose my dreams.
All the things I ever wanted to do are long forgotten.
I watched as my ambition withered and died.
So many dreams I had floating out of reach.
They climb higher and higher above me.
The weight of my life has me firmly buried in the ground.
I used to float amongst my dreams.
I’d be in awe of the places my dreams would take me.
I felt invincible in my own world.
My dreams gave me direction.
My dreams gave me purpose.
Once I lost my grip it all seemed impossible.
I waved goodbye to everything that made me feel alive.
Now everything stands still.
All the colors of my imagination have faded to black.
The outlook of my future is stormy.
My dreams tease as they rain down bits of ideas I once had.
I try to grab hold only to have them slip through my fingers.
Life goes on as do my dreams without me.
If only I had a lasso.
If only I could grab a dream I’d never let go.
I would breathe life into that dream.
All I need is to breathe life into me.

- Asia Aneka Anderson March 2015(c)
Tumblr: AsiaWrites

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