I have many book ideas swirling around in my head that I’m working on. There is one that I feel strongly about. It’s about a girl who has always been the black sheep, is dealing with mental illness, and in a chaotic relationship. Honestly the reason I keep hitting roadblocks with writing this story is because the main character is a black woman (loosely based off of myself) and in the black community we ignore mental illness for some reason. We always see is as something “only white people go through”. I really feel like when it comes to mental illness we have it harder because of the bullshit we have to deal with in the world and to top it off if we legit have a mental disorder we get ripped on by our own for being “weak” or something, and God forbid if you’re sexuality is something other than straight. I want to make this story to bring awareness that yes, black people face this too (as well as all races and genders), but I just don’t think that people will understand it or accept it. Once I’m done with it and can hopefully get it published I’d like to turn it into a screenplay. I already know that would be a hassle in itself and would really want to be hands on with it because we know, whether it’s indie or not, Hollywood likes to whitewash things and I won’t have any of that. I hope this story reaches everyone and that lots can relate. That’s all I really want.

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