Tragic Boyfriend Tales #4

I met boyfriend L through a mutual friend. I thought he was very attractive and asked my best friend to set us up. To this day I still believe our first date was the best first date I’d ever been on. We went to dinner and a movie and since we didn’t want to leave each other we went back to his place and stayed up all night watching movies. I was leaving Ohio for Chicago not even two months after we met, but we decided to give a relationship a go anyways. We became attached to the hip instantly, making sure to spend every minute together until it was time for me to leave. I fell for him hard from the start. Very hard.

One day he was over at my house. We got tired of packing and decided to take a movie break. The movie started to bore me halfway through so I started playing a game on his phone. All of a sudden he takes the phone from me and tells me he wants to show me something. He flips through his phone for a few minutes and then shoves it in my face once he’s found the picture he’s looking for. He pushed the phone so close to my face I had to back up to see what it was. When I saw it I was actually dumbfounded. It was a photo of him making out with the very friend that hooked us up. “Why would you show me this?” I asked him. I wasn’t even snooping on his phone so why go out of the way to show me something like that? He just shrugged, “I don’t know.” He assured me that the pic was before we met, but I was still puzzled as to why he would show me that as if he was proud. You don’t show a girl a picture of you kissing her best friend nor do you keep it saved on your phone. I was upset with him, but I have to say I was more upset with my friend. She should have told me beforehand that they had either liked each other at one point or something. Whether or not she would’ve given her blessing I wouldn’t have dated him. That’s girl code. If I had a man in my life that I’d never dated, but maybe we tried for a short period of time or fooled around I’d tell my friend beforehand if she wanted to date him so that info doesn’t come out later and make things awkward.

Looking back on the situation I feel like he only dated me to get back at her. A sort of “Well if you don’t like me I’ll date your best friend”. Possibly he was hoping to make her jealous and to want him after seeing him with me. Sort of backfired on him. I look back at little things he used to say. In the beginning I remember him saying “A long time ago I liked H, but she would blow me off then she told me she had a friend that liked me (moi) so I thought ‘Hell yeah’.” Stupid of me to not question that further. Even though we stayed together almost a year after that I honestly didn’t feel like I could trust him anymore. I turned into the girl who would check his phone when he left the room and I am honestly not that kind of girl. There were many questionable things L did throughout our relationship, but this was the first in a long line of “WTF?” moments.

-Asia Aneka Anderson

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