Tragic Boyfriend Tales #1

Boyfriend Q was the popular guy in 7th grade. A lot of girls wanted him, myself included. His best friend was a good friend of mine and I asked him everyday if Q had said anything about me and begged him to talk to Q for me. Eventually Q gave in and he was my boyfriend. I was stoked that me, the quietest shy girl in school, got the popular guy for once. At the end of the school year our grade went on a class trip to the amusement park King’s Island. We didn’t spend too much time together. He had his friends and I had mine. Whether I spent time with him there or not I had a kick ass time with my girls. I decided that before we left I’d go to the gift shop and buy him something cute with my allowance. I gave it to him when we got on the bus and went to sit with my girlfriends. As we were riding down the highway my friends kept bugging him about why he wasn’t sitting with his girlfriend. I heard him say something like “I’ll sit with her if she barks for me.” Total “She’s All That” moment. Of course his friends laughed and mine couldn’t believe he said it. I sat there trying not to cry, but that insecure girl inside me didn’t want to lose him so under my breath I did it. I barked. At least I thought it was under my breath cause his friends laughed. Upset, I yelled at him to give me my gift back and he refused. I stayed quiet the rest of the way home praying we’d get there soon so I wouldn’t have to see him again until the next school year. As we got back to the school parking lot I ran to my car still holding back tears so my parents would ask 21 questions. I watched him through the window of our station wagon as we pulled away and I saw him give my gift to another girl. My heart broke. I read recently online that he (or at least someone with his same exact name and age) was shot 5 times outside of a club downtown. He lived and there was no major injuries. Does it make me a bad person that I laughed?

-Asia Aneka Anderson

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