First of all let me say that I have so much respect for Donald Glover. I mainly have an adoration for him because a lot of what he says and raps about is something I can relate to. When he occasionally rants on twitter there’s always a ton of gossip blogs poking fun at him because they have no clue what he’s trying to say and I can understand what he’s saying on every level (maybe it’s a Libra thing).
This is a poem he posted (with the exception of the last 6 tweets) and it really spoke to me. For most of my life I’ve been referred to as “white girl”. Sometimes it was said in a hurtful context, but mostly in jest. With what’s been going on nonstop in the news lately, that label burns to the core. “White girl”. I’m called “white girl” because I listen to rock. I listen to most genres of music, but most people focus on the rock music, therefore I am a “white girl.” I’m called "white girl" because I’ve dated outside my race. I’m called “white girl” because I prefer mayo to miracle whip. I’m called “white girl” because I have flat feet. I’m called “white girl” because I don’t have a stereotypical big ass. I’m called “white girl” because I prefer Adele over Beyonce. I’m called “white girl” because I have white friends. All of these things have been said to me many times throughout my life.
Just as Donald said, you can call me “white” but I don’t get all the benefits that goes with being white. No matter how I present myself I still get followed around in stores. If I show up at a rock concert I still get stares and on occasion have to deal with racist confrontation because I “shouldn’t be there.” If I’m riding with my mom and she gets pulled over in a nice neighborhood because she’s a black woman in a Lexus I can’t say “Don’t worry she’s my mom and I’m white.” I still have to watch my back around white “friends” who actually turn out be racist, but hang out with me because “I’m not like the rest of them.” So from here on out no one, I mean NO ONE, gets to call me white girl no matter the context. This label does not save me from being judged, arrested, discriminated against, gunned down, etc. It’s not funny. I have no idea what it means to be white, but everyday I step outside my door I am reminded that I am black. Also, like Donald usually says “I am a nigga.” I know that is what society sees when they look at me. Even if I went everyday in a pantsuit, heels, and a law degree I know that around some people and to the media I will be seen as a nigga. That is the reality. Just so everyone knows I’m not saying that being white is an insult. It’s not. All I’m saying is how dare some people call me that when I still have to go through all of the struggles black people deal with on a daily basis. No matter what my interests are I am black and I love being black. Don’t dare call me anything other than that.

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