Dear Daddy

Dear daddy, I don’t know what to say.
I don’t know how life will feel without you.
It’s hard to know you’ll only be a memory.
Memories that I will carry forever.
I’ll never forget fishing trips and days in the park.
I’ll never forget the ways you always encouraged me.
Every big step I took in life you gave me that push.
Always telling me I could do it.
Daddy, you instilled so much in me.
You gave me your courage, knowledge, and creativity.
Traits that I never hope to lose.
That way you will never leave me.
Daddy, you were my real life superhero.
No cape needed for the feats you took on.
Not everyday was sunshine and rainbows.
But everyday was one more with you.
Every little girls father is her first love.
You showed me what a man was supposed to be.
I can only imagine I’m only single now for that very reason.
How can one settle for less after the example you set?
Anything other than your example is certainly less.
Daddy, I wish you didn’t have to go.
We needed more time.
There’s never enough time.
So many things unsaid.
So many words we can’t take back.
So many hugs that never were.
I hope you knew I loved you.
It wasn’t said enough.
Daddy, I don’t have the words to truly say how I feel.
I’m so lost.
And numb.
Mostly numb.
The only words where I can find for comfort is, “I love you.”
The love this daughter has for her father will never die.
Dear daddy, I’ll tell you again and I hope you will hear.
I love you.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, Dear Daddy 2016©

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