Life In Black & White

My dreams are in color while reality is black and white.
I can’t wait to close my eyes.
Only then I come alive.
At night I thrive from my vibrant dreams.
Knowing what happy really means.
Obtaining every goal I set.
Once my eyes flutter open.
I am awaken by the bright sun.
But still my world is black and white.
I go through life in a daze.
Searching for that clear path my dreams laid ahead for me.
Nowhere to be found.
My mind in a fog when awake.
Forever reaching for that utopia.
That utopia that only exists in my dreams.
Each waking moment I try to add color to my reality.
Each attempt fades.
I wait until I close my eyes again.
Wishing to stay in my personal technicolor alternate universe.
Wanting to grasp it tightly and bring this to a reality.
When I wake I’m still holding on.
Holding on for dear life to awake in color.
Looking for a light switch to make it happen.
Black and white still.
As I daydream I bring hints of color to my reality.
Seeing glimpses of what it’s like to really feel alive.
I hope to one day dream and live in color.
Bridging the gap between my ultimate dreams and reality.
To know and feel what it’s like to be alive.

- Asia Aneka Anderson, Life In Black & White 2016©

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