January 1, 2016

 "A dream of mine is to do many things. I want to finally finish my story(ies), publish it (them), and have it (them) become successful. I know I have no say in the outcome of that last bit, but if I'm successful in the beginning steps then hopefully reaching some sort of recognition and success is all the more possible. These, after all, are my main career goals. I have many still. I want to create an art gallery/ youth center in Dayton. I want to breathe a little life back into my city. We need comedy festivals, music festivals, and movie festivals. I want to bring Chicago to Dayton. I want to find love. I want to truly be loved. That is a dream of mine. I want to make movies. I want to create something that impacts people. I want to create something that will last forever and make people think. I guess, overall, my dream is to create."

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