What Kinda Love I Got?

Am I able to love?
Am I acceptable of love?
Loving myself proves difficult.
Loving others seems impossible.
Am I worthy of it?
Most would say “Yes, everyone is.”
That I am not so sure.
I’ve broken hearts as well as glue together the pieces of my own.
I leave unfazed.
Unaware of any destruction.
All emotions tucked away.
Actions that come from a place of hurt.
How can I love when I don’t know what it feels like?
Am I not capable?
I crave the very thing I do not know.
Not knowing if my heart is as cold as my touch.
I want to know love.
I want to know well enough to give it.
What kinda love I got?
I’ve got the want for passion.
I just may not have the heart.
Not yet.

Asia Aneka Anderson, What Kinda Love I Got? 2015©

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