She Wore The Prettiest Blue

She wore the prettiest blue.
The prettiest blue seen behind clear eyes.
The kind of blue to rival the darkest skies.
This blue that creates a storm inside.
The kind of blue her smile can’t hide.
She wrapped herself in the prettiest blue.
Wrapped so tight that she could no longer feel.
Still underneath there are wounds that will never heal.
Wounds so deep that most would crumble.
Somehow they’ve made her seem humble.
She drowned in the prettiest blue.
Overcome by an emotional sea.
Hoping that with this she’d be free.
The type of free that would wash the pain away.
Instead everything inside of her started to decay.
While the turmoil was at at a constant rage.
Those feelings she always kept caged.
All you saw was a girl wearing the prettiest blue.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, She Wore The Prettiest Blue 2015©

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