Little One, Find Your Way

Watch where you’re headed, little one.
I know you’re unsure of yourself.
Following the path of those before you.
That path is rough, little one.
A path that leads to a cliff.
The ones that came before you stand on the edge.
Do not join them, little one.
Find a road that has more ups than downs.
Beware of the bear traps and glaring eyes in the distance.
Keep your head up towards the sun, little one.
This path is much brighter.
This road less rough.
Show the others before you how it’s done, little one.
Your path may be long, but free of jagged rocks below.
A path more open and free.
The grass is greener, little one.
Sun burnt patches, but greener still.
Much more life than death.
You could change history for those after you, little one.
Show them a path of grueling pain is not the way.
Show them the road ahead could be an adventure.
Oh, little one how much you’ve suffered.
But, little one, you don’t have to anymore.
Continue to your destiny.
The destiny of happiness that you deserve, little one.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, Little One, Find Your Way 2015©

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