I Don't Wanna Be A Writer

I don’t wanna be a writer.
The thoughts that never stop.
My mind always racing.
My eyes always open.
No pair of rose colored glasses in my possession.
Seeing the world in it’s true form.
The hurt.
The pain.
Constantly aware.
I don’t wanna be a writer.
My characters are all I relate to.
Different imaginary versions of myself.
They suffer as I suffer.
No place they belong.
They understand only me as I only understand them.
I don’t wanna be a writer.
The burden is too heavy.
The plot is too deep.
Leaving all reality behind.
I don’t wanna be a writer.
I create life with the ballpoint of a pen.
I go on adventure without leaving my seat.
I dream up worlds only I can imagine.
Worlds I will never see in real life.
I don’t wanna be a writer, but it’s all that I know.

- Asia Aneka Anderson, I Don’t Wanna Be A Writer 2015©

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