Marching To The Beat Of My Own Drum

Do you hear that sound?
The unruly beat of drums in the background?
That is me.
The sound of me marching to the beat of my own drum.
The soundtrack of me living life on my own terms.
Not a care in the world as the beat grows louder.
The bass drum of my life intimidates.
The crash cymbal screaming “look at me!”.
Everywhere I go dirty stares follow.
Too busy dancing to the rhythm of life to notice.
You glare because my beat is different from yours.
The drumbeat of my life demands respect.
It calls for my voice to be heard.
It shows the world that it’s okay to depart from the band.
This beat is contagious.
Our beats, although different, carry the same message.
Life is too precious to adopt the sound of another.
Find your own movement.
Love your beat.
Dance your beat.
Make it loud.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, Marching To The Beat Of My Own Drum 2015©

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