I'm Only Alone

Alone, why do strike fear in so many?
Where others find fear I find comfort.
Alone is where I’m safe.
Alone is where I’m wanted.
Alone is where I am free.
Free from broken promises.
Free from those who hold me back.
Free  from those who judge me.
Alone, have I thanked you for making me strong?
You’ve taught me to take on the world.
You gave me confidence.
You embraced me when others wouldn’t.
You’ve shown me that I’m all that I’ve got.
So much I’ve accomplished because of you.
Surprised by the passion you lit inside me.
Showing me how to live life.
When there was no one to count on I had alone.
Alone, you’re the only one I’ve come to trust.
Trust is something I do no hand out easily but I give to you.
Alone, we have become best friends.
Perhaps we have become too close.
I choose you over everything.
Giving all life experiences to you.
In moments of joy I look for friendly faces, but all I have is you.
In moments of sadness I look for arms to hold me, but I’m always alone.
Still I choose you.
You cannot feel my sadness nor my joy.
Yet you’ve never let me down.
I choose your nonexistence over disappointment.
You have given me many things that others cannot.
Alone, sometimes I wonder if I’m lonely.
A partner could make things better.
You remind me of the adventures you guided me through.
Ones I might have missed if not for you.
No, I’m not lonely.
I’m only alone.
Alone you give me an insight that one day I will share.
I’ll have a partner that will continue the journey you started.
Alone, I could never replace you.
You opened my eyes, my mind, and my heart.
Without you I wouldn’t know me.
Everything that I am I wouldn’t be without alone.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, I’m Only Alone 2015©

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