Tragic Work Tales #1

        My employment with C was a roller coaster of fuckery from start to finish. There will be many posts in this series from this job alone. This place caused me so much stress, depression, and anxiety. This tale is not about my first horrible run in with this company, but it is the one that left me with the biggest “what the fuck?” moment.
        In December of 2010 I was only at this job for about six months. I had only been out of training for a bit and had received vacation and other paid off days not too long before that. It was getting close to Christmastime and I was hopeful that I could be approved for a few days off so that I could go home for the holidays since I hadn’t been home for over a year. I logged my time into the system and kept getting error messages before being added to a wait list. As someone who had never had a job with these types of benefits and was used to just taking days off with no pay I didn’t 100% understand what it meant. My supervisor told me that since it was the holiday lots of people were probably asking for it off hence the wait list. I asked her since the new hires had just received their vacation days was there any way to override it so that we wouldn’t lose those days completely in a few weeks when the new year rolled around. By that time I had ditched the idea of going home I just wanted to be able to use the days before losing them. She made me believe that she understood that we had a short time to use these days and assured me that she would speak with the manager immediately to get it taken care of. A few days went by and my supervisor hadn’t given me any answer on what to do with these days so I took upon myself to speak with the manager myself since I was promised that it would be taken care of. I wanted to cry when I talked to the manager about what was going on as if he’d known the issue when in fact no one had talked to him about it at all. I was pissed. I waited days to get an answer about something that wasn’t being discussed as promised. Days where I could’ve used those hours to leave work early or come in late all because my supervisor told me that this was an issue that the manager could, in fact, take care of.
        A few weeks into the new year my father had a stroke. Turns out I was going home anyways. I was notified about it on a day that would be considered my Friday. I caught a Greyhound bus in the middle of the night so I could be home the next morning. When I arrived in my hometown I called my supervisor to notify her of what was going on. Even though it was our day off I wanted to call her to let her know where I was so that a.) since I was still pretty new if I wasn’t allowed to be off any extra days I could head home the next day and b.) to get guidance on what I was supposed to do in case of a family emergency in the first place. She told me to just take care of my family and to keep her in the loop and that she’d let me know all that I needed to do while I was with my dad.
        My father was only in the hospital for about four days before being moved to a rehab facility for speech and physical therapy. The whole time I kept my supervisor up to date and at no time did she tell me that I needed to be back at work in ‘x’ amount of days. Since I’d had a few run ins with this supervisor (even before the vacation days incident) I made sure to get numerous notes from doctors and nurses from the hospital and the rehab facility. In total I was gone for about a week. As hard as it was for me to leave my dad, and he was still having lots of trouble talking (and honestly four years later still has a bit of trouble), I left a few days after he arrived to rehab. My last day there I had my phone on vibrate while visiting with my father. As I was leaving I noticed I had a voice mail from someone at work. It was my manager. It was a short message, and I can’t exactly remember the entirety of the message, but I do know that in an irritated tone he said “So how long is this going to take?!” I could’ve broken my phone in half. How long is it going to take?!?!?!? My father just had a stroke and you ask how long it’s going to take. Are you fucking serious?! Are you trying to win the insensitive asshole of the year award?! I had been calling these people everyday asking what I should do. If after two days they had told me I needed to come back to work, then I would’ve come back, but I never got that. I was told to take care of my dad, which is what I did, as well as call these morons everyday, With the tone of his voice you would think I just left town on my day off and didn’t tell anyone shit. I was furious. What was the point of me calling everyday?!
        When I arrived back to work the following day I dumped all of my notes on my supervisor. I didn’t say a word because I know my mouth and I knew if I were to say something I would’ve lost my job. While she looked them over I went back to work. Since this woman was so completely rude she called out to me while I was working with a customer (something I would sadly get used to) and said “When your father was moved to rehab why didn’t you come back after the dark part was over?” Seeing as my father just had a stroke I would say that it all looked pretty dark. I asked her what she meant because I didn’t see the bright and sunny side to my dad having a stroke. I missed that part. She said that the hospital seems like that was the dark part and that if he was well enough to go to a rehab facility then he should’ve been well enough for me to leave. You would’ve thought that I was there for three weeks. My dad was only in rehab for three days before I came back. As leadership when I called everyday to ask what it is that I had to do the smart thing would’ve been to tell me that I only had a certain amount of days instead of letting me just try to figure it out on my own. I had my hands full with trying to care of the only father I have. I didn’t have time to try and become a mind reader and figure out what in the hell these people wanted. I had never dealt with a group of people who were supposed to be superiors and didn’t know what the hell they were doing or had conflicting answers.
        The only good thing to come out of this confusing bullshit is that not even two weeks after coming back to work my manager was fired. There were rumors going around the building as to why he was fired. Everything was said from him sleeping with or sexually harassing women to him not keeping on his job and getting things done in time. Both were believable. He walked around the building too much and flirted with every woman he came in contact with which means he was never in his office doing the work he was supposed to be doing. Either way I always felt like it was a little bit of karma. I wonder how long it took for him to find a new job.

-Asia Aneka Anderson

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