I Want To Go Home

You are my second home.
I was so alive with you.
A freedom I’d never tasted before.
I learned so much.
My mind wide open.
Lessons I’ll keep forever.
I sought acceptance and fell into your arms.
A love affair I took for granted.
You taught me how to be me.
I never knew myself before you.
You showed me how to live.
I was afraid.
You found a way to make me come to life.
Then it ended.
You were ripped from me.
Chewed up and spit out into an abyss.
My soul is empty.
I no longer feel free.
My freedom lies with you.
My happiness spilled upon your streets.
My joy tied to your skies.
A part of me I will never get back.
I imagine a piece of me still there.
Her heart full and joyful.
She lives the life I once lived.
She lives the life I was scared to.
I hope to merge with her again.
She’ll tell stories of the life I missed.
Her adventures I’ll envy.
But with me the journey will continue.
Your city streets will embrace me again.
My old friend.
My second home.
The only home I want to be.

-Asia Aneka Anderson, I Want To Go Home 2015©

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