10 Things I'm Tired Of Hearing

1. Telling people who battle depression “What do you have to be depressed about?”
THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS. As an adult if you think that people with money or success or no visible hardships (to you) don’t suffer from mental illness then I need you to search Google or pick up a book. Just because everything on he outside looks amazing doesn’t mean that a person is facing a battle each and every day. If someone tells you they feel depressed that doesn’t always mean they just feel a little sad that day. It means they are taking a step in opening up to you and inform you on what they’re going through so take it seriously instead of belittling them and saying that they have nothing to be depressed about.
2. Calling women who have slept with more than a few men “whores” or “sluts”
I am so tired of it being okay for a man to sleep with 10+ women, but women get called dirty things if they sleep with multiple men. I mean, men can have one night stands, but a woman must always sleep with a man she’s in a relationship with. God forbid a woman has a few one night stands. Women should be able to have a healthy sex life and sleep with whomever they choose as long as she’s responsible about (as the men should be also). So miss me with your double standards.
3. People who refer to trans individuals as “It” or “he/she”
If a person is born a boy but truly feels like a girl, then guess what?! She’s a girl! It’s already hard for people to go through a transformation. Some do it slowly by first dressing how they want, growing out or chopping off hair, wearing makeup, etc. The comments they don’t need from ignorant people isn’t “Dude, why are you wearing a dress?” It should be, “Good for you. I’ve got your back.” Why not show support instead of being an asshole. If you’re one of those people who happens to be uncomfortable with it, that’s your right, but how about opting to keep your mouth shut and keep your hateful discouraging words to yourself.
4. People who justify police killing a poc and saying “They deserved it.”
I wanted to scream every time I saw a person post a comment “Well Mike Brown deserved to be shot cause he robbed that store.” 1. the owner even said it wasn’t him and 2. even if it was him since when is the punishment for stealing immediate death? Stop justifying it. There is no justification for an unarmed person to be murdered by the law. PERIOD!
5. People who say their kid is 13+ months old.
I hate this with a passion. If your kid is 15 months old JUST SAY THEY’RE ONE! Stop trying to make me do math. The people who use months after two years old are especially the worst. Don’t tell me you’re kid is 28 months old. Next time someone tells me their kids age in months instead of years I’m gonna say I’m 389 months old. Now figure that shit out.
6. Black women who call natural hair “nappy” or “dirty”.
Just stop. I don’t care how you wear your hair, but you’re not going to sit here an call my hair something negative because I’ve decided I no longer want to conform to this unattainable image of European beauty. I’m so tired of black women tearing each other down altogether, but this here is just dumb. If you don’t understand why someone went natural or don’t understand your hair in it’s natural state just strike up a conversation with someone who has versus trying to shame them for trying to embrace their natural selves.
7. Saying “You don’t look sick” to someone battling mental illness.
Mental illness doesn’t come with a runny nose. It’s not like it’s portrayed on old school tv shows from the 80s where a person is talking to themselves and homeless. Educate yourself.
8. People who justify their homophobia by using the Bible.
The other day I was really battling with myself if I truly believe in God because I’ve grown around people who are low key homophobic and claim to be religious. After 32 years I finally came to the conclusion that I do believe in God, just not the God these people know. My God is love. He made us ALL in his image, yes the dummies too. My God accepts all of his children. So the God these homophobic bastards are always talking about is a God I want no part of. He sounds really hateful and vengeful. That is not God. That is your own fear making you look like a fucking idiot and using my God’s name in vain. So what I’m trying to say is, go to hell.
9. People who assign races to certain things (e.g. “White people listen to rock. Black people only like rap”)
I’m a black girl who listens to all music, but since rock is my favorite I got dubbed white girl. Why people think things like music, movies, shows, etc are assigned races, I don’t know. I always thought it was stupid and it will always be stupid. Also I think it’s fucked up that no one bullies white kids for listening to rap, but as soon as I want to listen to The Beatles I’m “trying to be white.” Suck my dick.
10. Stereotyping the way someone dresses.
Just because a girl wears a short dress doesn’t mean she’s “asking for it”. Just because a black man wears baggy pants makes him a criminal and so on. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently because my grandmother drug me to her church a few weeks ago and for some reason this topic came up in the sermon. The preacher said something to the effect of “women who walk around in short skirts and low cut tops who advertise themselves and men who walk around in baggy pants and smoke weed have no room in a place like this.” Well first things first he started off the sermon saying that nobody is perfect and that we all make mistakes. I can only assume that most of his sermons fall along these lines because a few years ago he was caught with some prostitutes (hypocrite, indeed). Anyways, women can wear whatever the fuck they want to. It has nothing to do with “advertising”. If I wear a short skirt it’s because I like it and think my legs look fucking amazing that day. And a man wearing baggy pants doesn’t mean he has anything to do with drugs. These people he talked about could be A students, volunteers, or any kind of humanitarian. Stop judging people by what they wear. You don’t buy their clothes so shut the fuck up about it.

-Asia Aneka Anderson

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