Seriously, Spotify

        So I was enjoying a little music on Spotify while I was working out today and I heard an ad that completely ruined my mood. It was an ad that suggested to celebrate black history month by listening to hip hop artists like O.T. Genasis and Flo Rida. There was a third artist that was mentioned, but I was so shocked by the first two I didn’t pay attention to who it was.
         First off O.T. Genasis is known for a song about how he loves and sells cocaine.
and Flo Rida is just a trash artist and I’m confused as to why he still has a career, but I digress.
        There are so many hip hop artists that could’ve been used in that ad. Spotify could’ve used the opportunity to promote up and coming hip hop artists as well as well known artists that actually represent the positivity or speak on social issues within the black community (Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, Schoolboy Q, The Roots). After all that’s what black history month is about. It’s about the people who preach equality, change, and progress. To me it seems as though Spotify just picked anybody that was black versus using people that would actually fit in the category of “celebrate black history month” and they scraped the bottom of the barrel on this one. Instead of going the route of promoting influential hip hop artists they went with whoever represented a stereotype in hip hop music, and that stereotype is to glorify drugs, money, and bitches. Not all hip hop music is about that. The only thing that terrible ad was missing was Igloo Australia to bring that racist ad full circle. Black history month is about the black leaders and underdogs that fought for our equality and respect and the people that continue to do so. So, Spotify maybe you want to rethink what celebrating black history month really is and change that ad up a bit.

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