You know what puzzles me? That officer in Ferguson (I refuse to say a killers name) killed an unarmed teen in daylight and GoFundMe has allowed people to raise over $400,000 for him because this poor murderer may not find a job as a police officer again (forgive me if I don’t weep over his misfortune). On the other hand when Jahar supporters wanted to make t-shirts online, seeing as he’s only an alleged criminal, most, if not all, websites shut down all orders of people who wanted to show their support of someone they felt was wrongly accused. Money spent on these shirts were not going to the Tsarnaev family. It was going to the companies who provided the services of making custom shirts, yet that was brought to a halt, but someone who is, without a doubt, known to have killed someone is now rich because of supporters. What kind of sick shit is that?

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