Review: Pantene for Natural hair Co-wash and Africa's Best hot oil treatment

Now the co-wash from Pantene I have been using from the beginning of my transition. I. LOVE. IT!
 As soon as I put it in I can feel my hair become softer. It's not heavy at all and you don't need a lot. When I use the co-wash I use it by itself. I've seen some people use the Pantene shampoo for natural hair and then use the co-wash right after. For me I'm good with just the co-wash. It gets rid of all the build up alone, so in my opinion you don't need anything else when using the co-wash. Now when I use the co-wash I make sure to add water to it so that I'm not using a lot. I usually let it sit for about 5 minutes then rinse. I've heard from other bloggers that washing with cool water is ideal so that is what I do. I say use whatever temp you're okay with. Since it's summer, for me, the colder the better. Also I only use the co-wash 1-2 times a month. Now today I used a hot oil treatment since I've been slacking the past few months (I like to do hot oil treatments at least once a month). I usually use Africa's Best mainly because it's cheap. I know that's bad to go for the cheapest, but it gets the job done.
 Africa's Best herbal oil is a bit thicker, in my opinion, compared to like Doo Gro, which is another brand I sometimes use. I will admit I go a little overboard with it. I always feel like I'm not using enough to cover my whole head. Today I put in the hot oil treatment and just slapped on a shower cap and towel. Now the label says to keep it on 15-20 minutes, but I kept it in for an hour because I had to do a few errands.
After about an hour or so I rinsed it out, also with cold water then I placed a t-shirt, instead of a towel over my head. This is something else I've picked up from other blogs, which makes sense. It doesn't make your hair dry and brittle like when I use a towel.
Okay so I'm usually lazy when it comes to twisting my hair. I hate it so much. I don't feel like my hair is long enough to do bigger twists without completely unraveling and I'm horrible at doing flat twists because my fingers seem to have a mind of their own when I try. So when I'm letting my hair air dry it's usually several hours until I get around to twisting it. I didn't add any other oils or anything else since I used the hot oil. I have a spray bottle that's just filled with water and use that as I twist my hair. When I'm done twisting my hair I use bobby pins to pin several of them down to make sure they don't fall into my face and also for close to the crown of my head because for some reason my hair likes to stick straight up lol.

So I just pin my twists in the direction I want them to go. I wash my hair ever 7-8 days. For the most part I keep my twists in until the day before I shampoo. Very rarely do I take them out before. I'm trying to get my hair to grow out so I can do something with it. For now I'm in the awkward stage where it's not shot enough to a really cute short style or fro and it's not long enough due to shrinkage. I usually end up looking like Questlove lol. When I go out I have several wigs to choose from and I'll keep doing that until I'm comfortable with my length.

So as far as the products I used today
Pantene co-wash: Highly recommend! A+++
Africa's Best herbal oil: It is a little heavier than most, but it's still really good at locking in moisture B-

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