Naturally Me

I have been natural for a year now. Everything has pretty much been trial and error with trying to find what oils are great for my hair, what shampoos are best, conditioners, treatments, styles, etc. I guess my hair would be classified as 4b or 4c. I've tried a lot of things over the past year so I'll be posting a few reviews of the stuff I've used. I'm by no means an expert so something that may work for my hair or that I may like may not work for you. I'll try to be a detailed as possible when describing the products I use. But one thing I know I can start by insisting you do is drink lots of water. Not just for your hair but just for your health. As someone who could probably put away a 2 liter of pop since birth I can't tell you just how much better I feel since I've stopped about 2 years ago and also how much weight I've lost. I won't lie though, I'll have a Mt. Dew once a month, but definitely not several everyday like I used too. Anyways, stay tuned for a lot of reviews. A few I'll post tonight actually. I'm about to wash my hair and use the Mane n' Tail shampoo for the first time since I was very little. <--- So I just realized that I bought two bottles of conditioner (smh). I was looking forward to that too lol. Well this week I'll be using a co-wash from Pantene that I love and I'll also be putting in a hot oil treatment. I'll tell you all about it later :)

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