Background on Best Friends

Okay so I’ve been working a lot on a few books that I started a while ago. I just want to get a little feedback on this one called Best Friends. It’s nowhere near halfway done, but I want to put what I have so far out there. Now anytime I post something like this people mostly comment on grammar or punctuation errors. Since I am a perfectionist (to a degree) I know they exist, but it is my controlled chaos. They exist for a reason, mainly cause I know in particular spots where I can add or change things, but I just don’t what should change at this particular time. I just want feedback on the content. Is it something you would read? Is it something that would hold your interests? Do you connect with these characters and their story? Do you see it more as a novel, script, or both? I’ll also let you know that it is broken up and it doesn’t flow. Sorry. I wrote what I know I want in the story and this is what came to me first and unfortunately it doesn’t come to me in order, but I do assure you that what I have as the beginning is the actual beginning. I have at least two other stories I’m writing and I may also post those too. I've posted it just below. So thank you in advance. I really appreciate you reading this, if you do. If you know me I’ve struggled like hell these past few years to get my passion for writing back so bear with me cause I know my talent isn’t what it once was. Thank you!

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