New Twist Out

        Since I started my natural journey back in August of 2013 I've been trying tons of products to find the right one for my hair as well as trying different styles and protective styles. For the most part all of my twist outs were, what I call, single twist outs. I had stayed away from flat twists because I was unsure if I'd be able to do the back of my hair. Once I had tried it flat twists became the norm for me since it took less time and my twist outs looked fuller.
single twist out
        Recently I saw a slightly different type of flat twist on a natural hair account on Instagram. I knew my twist out would barely come close since the model had longer hair and her hair was more of a 3a or 3b while mine is more 4b or 4c. Either way it was a flat twist that was angled so when she untwisted her hair it looked like a curly angled bob.
         First I just started off by cowashing my hair. I made sure to only pat my hair a little so that it's still very wet when I start my flat twists. Since I hair dries quickly I always have a water bottle with me so I can keep my hair wet. 
after washing my hair
         Now, even though I'm a little over a year and a half into my journey I still love finding other blogs that give great hair tips and methods. On one site I'd come across the L.O.C. method (liquid. oil. cream). I know next it's going to sound like I'm using a lot on my hair, but it really does work for me.
        First I'll part my hair into six sections, three in the front and three in the back. I start off by wetting my hair a bit more (liquid) then I use my Africa's Best herbal oil which is currently my oil of choice. I only use about a dime size of it on each section, making sure I have my ends covered.
        Next I use a cream which is called Curl La La defining curl custard. Same as the oil, I only use a small amount for each section.
        Sometimes I will go back and used a castor oil around my edges, but I don't really do it often since, for some reason, I started having a slight allergic reaction to the JBCO I was using, months back.
         To make the curl a little more defined and to also add a little more shine I have also been using Curls cashmere curl jelly. I only use a teeny tiny amount of this on each section.

           The last product I use is Jamaican Mango & Lime locking firm wax. I only use this product on my ends when I coil them. Every time I do a twist out my ends always end up a mess because they never stay together then what happens is when I undo my twists they look fine until you get to the ends, whether I attempted to coil them or not. I found that using this on my ends does the trick. With this I also use a tiny amount since I'm only concerned with my ends.
        After I have all that in I begin my flat twist and repeat all of this when I start a new section. 


        When I undo my twists a few days later I'm very happy with the result. I like it a lot better than the result I get from my single twists.
         With all the products I used in this post I'll do a review of each of them soon so that you guys all know why I choose these products for every twist out I've done lately! :)

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