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Hello, everyone. Well I previously posted about sharing my natural hair journey with you lovely folks. I really want to start off by showing you these pills I take on a daily basis.

 They're hair skin and nail pills. You can pretty much find these anywhere; Target, CVS, Walgreens, and even Dollar General. To be honest the ones at Dollar General have about 5,000 mcg of Biotin whereas everywhere else, like this one, only has about 3,000. I know a higher number is better, but the downside to the DG ones is that there's usually only about 50-60 pills to a bottle and everywhere else usually has anywhere from 150-200. Also if you get them from Walgreens or CVS it seems like they always have them for BOGO which is always great. I take these 2-3 times a day and have been for about 8 months. My hair has grown a bit, but not that 'down your back overnight' kind of result I'm always wishing for. I will say that my lower edges had broken off a lot due to stress. It wasn't bald, but damn near close, now in that area my hair is about an inch past my jawline. Also I've noticed that my skin is a lot smoother and I don't have as many blemishes. My nails have also grown a lot. When I was younger my nails were always creepy long, but over the last few years because of stress those started to break. With these pills it's getting me back to the nail growth I'm used to.
If you haven't tried out any hair, skin, and nails pills I'd say it's definitely worth a try (and also drink lots and lots of water). The ones at Dollar General range about $5-$7 dollars and everywhere else can be anywhere from $10-$14, but again you get more pills and can almost always run into a sale. Out of about the 8 months I've been using them there's only about 3 times I've had to buy them at retail price, that's how much they go on sale. I don't really have many pics from when I first made the decision to go natural. I didn't do any type of big chop so with the shrinkage and my decision to go natural 2 months after my last relaxer you can't really tell anyways. I will be posting pics of where my length is now in the next few weeks because I'll be taking the castor oil challenge in Sept. I'll post more info about that in case any of you want to join. :)

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