I’m battling with myself over whether I should call corporate on one of my managers. A few weeks ago I started my shift and asked one of the girls in leadership what she wanted me to do since they were rearranging the section I was assigned to be in. She told me to just find an area and straighten up while they were doing the major stuff up front. As I was walking away the actual manager told me that she had a job for me. She wanted me to take some shirts that were previously folded and hang them up. There was a cart near the table the shirts were on and I asked the girls if they were using it so I could just wheel this big pile of shirts over to our fitting room and grab hangers there. The manager, I guess, got agitated, picked up the shirts, threw them in my face, and said “Just take them in the back and put them on hangers!” I’m not sure what her deal was and I was too in shock to see what everyone else’s reaction was. I don’t know if she was stressed out about all the work that needed to be done. I’m not sure if she actually meant to toss them (cause I caught them in my arms) and it came off more aggressive than she intended, and I’m not sure if I’m actually making excuses for something that’s inexcusable. I’ve been sitting with this for a few weeks and am not sure what to do. She is kind of a hot head and I’m afraid if I say anything she’ll make my time there worse. I’m equally afraid that if I do say something that nothing will be done about it at all. I already have another job, but that alone won’t make ends meet so for now I need this job as well. I had an interview for another job earlier this week that I’m hoping to get, but for now I’m not sure how I should even handle this situation. On top of this incident I have another manager that likes to talk down to me like a child and treats me like I’m stupid. Actually a few days before this throwing shirts in my face incident happened I stood up to this other manager and told her not to talk down to me when I’m only doing my job. I’m only assuming she informed the other lady and possibly her revenge was to throw something at me. I’m proud of myself for not having went off yet, but I don’t know when that breaking point will come. I’m leaning more towards the decision to call corporate, but I don’t know. I really don’t want to bring race into it, but the only other people I’ve heard to have problems with these two ladies are the few other black women I work with. I mean, the county this store is located in is the one where John Crawford was shot and killed, so the racism doesn’t shock me, but at the same times it does. All I want to do is my job and I want to do with well, but I can’t do it if I’m being bitched at, monitored heavily, having things thrown at me, and talked to like I’m a complete idiot. *sigh* I just want to be rich so I can open my own business and it will be a business where I treat my employees as my equal and like decent human beings.

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