Day 216: I took this about a month ago. I've battled with myself over whether to post it or not, but here it is. Many times I've tried on certain clothes, like crop tops, and end up talking myself out of buying them solely based on how I think others will see me. "Who cares? It's a fucking shirt." Is always my first thought when walking into a dressing room then shortly thereafter I rip my own self to shreds. Life is entirely too short to constantly worry about what others will think about what I put on MY body. No more. No way. There is no goal weight, just a goal mindset, and that mindset is to be happy and at peace with myself. I'm beautiful. You're beautiful. We're all beautiful. If someone doesn't think so, fuck 'em. #nofilter #natural #BodyPositivity #naturalista #teamnatural #naturalhair #2015 #365DaysOfHappy #HappyGoals

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