Review: Curl la la

As promised, over a month ago (I know. I know.), here is my review for Curl la la.
        With Curl la la I only use this on my shampoo or cowash days. I use this while doing the L.O.C. (liquid, oil, cream) method when twisting my hair after I've shampooed or cowashed. It's pretty light and very creamy. I've used different products that don't feel as creamy and end up drying my hair out a bit, but not with this. Curl la la has a light floral smell to it. I'd say it smells almost like lavender, but definitely not overbearing.
         When twisting my hair I'll use plain water to wet my hair, then I'll put a small amount of whatever oil I'm using at the time (which is canola oil for right now) and then add the Curl la la. This product does give my hair shine and holds my twists without making my hair feel hard. For instance, when I first transitioned I used all of Pantene's natural products and their custard made my hair hard, dry, and very brittle. I used it for a while because I didn't know any better in the beginning.
        I will say that although I do like this product I don't feel like it gives my hair the 100% moisture it needs. I have been natural for almost two years now and am still learning. So far this is the best cream/custard I have encountered. Hopefully, down the line I will come across a cream that I think is perfect for my hair. For now Curl la la is getting the job done.

Curl la la: B-

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